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A Litigator’s Analysis of the Soul Quest Letter from Greg Lake’s upcoming third book, “The Law of Entheogenic Churches in the United States (Volume III): The Definition of Religion Under the First Amendment in Light of the Sacramental Consumption of Entheogens”

Thank God for the internet!  This video guide was put together in the mid 1990’s when internet access fueled the psychonautic revolution where basement shamans of all stripes and shapes could still legally buy leaves, powders and extracts on the internet before the days of more heavy-handed regulation. It was filmed in super-vhs, in camera edits with no second takes.  

Brandon Ketchum was planning to go with us to Peru in 2016 for an ayahuasca dieta for what later became Soldiers of the Vine. He wasn’t able to get his Texas birth certificate in time to get a passport. When we went to Mexico for iboga and toad two months later, he killed himself after going to the VA in Iowa and asking to be admitted and being told that he wasn’t sick enough. We found that out the night of the day we all had toad. Bittersweet the medicine is.

The angels are created to serve the jalal (power/infinity/transcendence) or divine masculine aspect to follow source’s command to praise it (reflect the light on the outside).  The animals, plants, fungi and all living matter are created to serve the jamal (beauty/eternity/immanence) or divine feminine aspect and experience its mercy (experience light on the inside).

Texas Veterans for Medical Marijuana made a moving display at the Texas Capitol on Monday.  The group displayed a military casket filled with prescription medicine bottles from veterans who say they need access to medical marijuana.

Each bottle contained a letter from the veteran who sent it, detailing his or her service and why they wanted access to cannabis.