Drop the Mic (Military Industrial Complex)

Be careful of those selling hate because they are really selling fear which they can then use to control and manipulate you. I’m currently buying neither as the war machine smells blood and is hungry for even more war profiteering. This MIC needs the fuel that will no longer be supplied as the blood of veterans is not to be spilt for oil any longer. The MIC can no longer insulate itself from its own child sacrifice through an economic draft that pulls in children from lower socio-economic status and higher childhood trauma levels in to the military.

Rig the economy and then let the invisible hand of the market force the least amongst us to do your dirty work.  Many veterans come back from war with so much trauma that the solution provided is pharmaceutical drugs that would zombify the person for the rest of their lives. This system is not designed to cure you but at least give you some sort of flat line state where you won’t have to feel the pain connected to the trauma.  It’s sort of a way to bury you before you are dead or put you to sleep but still alive so that you never really wake up.

This is not the system that nature designed.  We are trying to short circuit or completely delay the body’s own natural response to trauma.  Nature says have courage, I will help you and you must go through and process your trauma.  It’s also a way to cover up the truth.  What better way to destroy the evidence of the horrors of war or the political failures of global geopolitics than to overmedicate the “crazy” people out of the public discourse because as a society we are uncomfortable talking about it.  Mentally lock up all those veterans with their demons that no one else in our society wants to or knows how to deal with.  Blame them for their trying to kill themselves while taking governmentally prescribed drugs when the same drugs have side effects of suicide and suicidal thoughts.  Destruction of government property.  The ultimate sin in the cult of MIC.

Still we have a childhood trauma problem masquerading as a PTSD problem.  Childhood trauma is the biggest risk factor for developing PTSD in war.  So what a better way to sweep our cultures’ failings under the carpet than by forced drugging.  We don’t care about your cognitive liberty.  You know that because we’ve been doing that since you were a kid in school with Ritalin and Adderall.  How traumatic is it to be taught in school that drugs are bad and then being forced to take drugs because you are acting outside of expected boundaries which apparently is what drugs end up doing to you any way or at least that seems to be what everyone against them is afraid of.

We veterans reject the pharmaceutical poison coming out of your war machine.  Do people know that the majority of pharmaceutical drugs are made from petrochemicals?  This is a closed loop system of the politicians making war to control energy reserves.  Then the soldiers come back with trauma and they are put on frankenpharma petrochemicals.   These military “head” casualties are being stripped of their most basic freedom-their own cognitive liberty.  The domain of one’s own biochemistry and the primacy of their own experience.  What is more mine than that?  Those veterans who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the ideals of freedom are being denied the right to have dominion and control over their own minds and their own biology.

We veterans gave an oath to our country’s Constitution that has never been revoked.  We gave that oath and were willing to sacrifice our lives to die in war or live as casualties of war, but we sanctified the right, the natural right, to take these plants to heal ourselves.  We redeemed and reclaimed that right for all of humanity.  The history of war shows that soldiers always brought back the plants to help heal from war in the places that they fought.  With the whole world endlessly engaged in wars between humans and other humans and between humans and the planet, the plants are growing out of their natural habitats to heal the planet of the war machine once and for all.  They are also calling us to them because we need their help.

The remainstreaming of the archaic technology of natural shamanistic healing with sacred plants is not just a natural solution to the disease of the unnatural war machine virus. It is both the cure and replacement all in one.  Plant based biofuels, medicine, high capacity/fast charge rate batteries, the chemical factories for creating all the building blocks in 3-D printing ecosystem, so many of our new technologies will need a sustainable scaffolding to support them.  Nature provides that.  Fossil fuels are basically dead plankton made in to oil.  We need to come in to a living relationship with these plants that sustains both parties in the relationship.

As we prepare for a super technological future and the entire planet opens up to a globalized consciousness, our elders, the plants come to help us both save planet and prepare for operating in a future that will be all about safely and correctly navigating alternate states of consciousness delivered through high end technologies.  If we really believe we will leave the planet some day we certainly have to explore our own internal universe of consciousness if we are going to go out and explore the Other.

So folks the Drug War is ending and even though we are already starting to experience the green dividend the fighting is far from over.  To the VA doctors we say we don’t want your shitty drugs.  If the VHA can’t provide unique or custom therapies to veterans what’s the point of having a separate agency at all?  We veterans are taking matters in to our own hands and will heal ourselves because we want to wake up and you want us to stay asleep.  As they say in the Mexican proverb, “They tried to bury us.  They didn’t know we were seeds.”

Pharmastice Now!

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About Ian Benouis

Ian is a West Point graduate, former US Army officer, Blackhawk helicopter pilot and combat veteran. He is Patient Number One for the Mission Within which treats special operators with PTSD, TBI and addiction using iboga and toad in Mexico. Ian has been helping wounded veterans for over 7 years. Ian has moderated numerous veteran’s panels including the MAPS Psychedelic Science conference in 2018 in Austin and the Bufo Congress in 2019 in Mexico City. He has founded an ONAC church chapter which was later returned to the parent church. He is a founder of a Santo Daime church which is the US chapter of a Brazilian government approved church and has founded a number of other medicine churches in the US with his law partner Greg Lake. Ian participated in Operation Just Cause in the Republic of Panama. This operation was the largest combat operation in US history focused directly on the War on Drugs and was the largest special operations deployment ever conducted. He was a pilot-in-command and his aviation brigade flew more night vision goggle hours than any unit in the military except for the Task Force 160 Special Operations which his unit was ultimately rolled up into when the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Ord, California military base was shut down. Ian grew up in Hawaii in the 1970’s where cannabis was decriminalized and fully integrated in to the culture. He has been healing himself for over 30 years with sacred plants, a spiritual practice, and being a student and practitioner of ethnobotany. Ian was a pharmaceutical representative for Pfizer after he got out of the Army witnessing firsthand the meteoric rise of the SSRI’s and synthetic opioids in the early 1990’s. He is a casualty of the drug war having been arrested for cannabis while in law school. Ian is an intellectual property attorney who has been working in the corporate world for over 20 years in the primary roles of VP of Sales and Marketing and General Counsel. He is a political activist in the cannabis and natural plant medicine space nationally and locally in Texas. Ian was previously the Chairman of the Board for a public policy foundation in Texas for over seven years. Ian was featured in the Spike Jonze produced episode Stoned Vets on Weediquette the cannabis focused series on Viceland on HBO with a number of other veterans protesting the VA’s policy on medical cannabis and trying to end the veteran suicide epidemic. In 2016 Ian organized a trip for six veterans with PTSD to Peru in May for a 10-day plant diet including ayahuasca and other plant medicines with three Shipibo trained shaman brothers that are third generation plant medicine healers. Ian also took some of the same veterans to Mexico for treatment with iboga and 5-Meo-DMT. This experience was captured on video and was released as a documentary in March 2017 entitled Soldiers of the Vine. He is member of the team supporting the movie From Shock to Awe a feature-length documentary that chronicles the journeys of military veterans as they seek relief from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with the help of ayahuasca, MDMA and cannabis. This movie premiered at the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, AZ on June 2, 2018 where it captured the inaugural Mangurama Award for Conscious Documentary Storytelling. Ian Benouis’ Drug War Story as part of Psymposia’s Drug War Stories – Catharsis on the Mall: A Vigil for Healing the Drug War. This was part of the Drug Policy Reform Conference November 20, 2016 in Washington, DC.