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I realized and understood lots of things that in Ayahuasca school made perfect sense when the teacher put them up on the blackboard which of course was just the now polished mirror of my heart. I understood that veterans are the moral conscience of the country because we have to exercise the will of the politicians and policy makers. We are sent to right or wrong to do the things that only God should do. This is why veterans need this healing. We as a sacred congregation have been an instrument of, a deliverer of and a witness to the most horrendous and impossible things a human being can experience and need to be reintegrated in to the matrix of nature if our society as a whole has any hope of healing itself.

I’m sharing this because I initially wrote it over 20 years ago and it still a useful indictment of our failed War on Drugs today.

The Entheogen Review, Summer Solstice, 1995

The following essay first appeared in the March 13, 1995 issue of Legalese, the student publication of the University of Houston Law Center. It also ran in the University of Houston student publication the Daily Cougar. The author has generously made it available to the public — it may be photocopied and sent to officials and policy-makers concerned with decisions related to The War on Drugs.